FARMER Catering Solutions

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  • Kitchen Design

    Catering Solutions provide a full catering design and equipment procurement service that will deliver your agreed service vision and specification in the most energy and operationally cost efficient way.


  • Operational Support

    Professional catering support and advice, working alongside your in-house catering team, to achieve a high quality service at the most cost efficient price. The aim of the service is to create and implement a food service “Vision” that will beat its competitors in terms of customer service, quality, price, innovation and value.

  • Equipment

    We Provide a complete fully compliant, bespoke catering service procurement from advert to sub contractor/ franchisee appointment. Includes all legal processes, documentation and evaluation aligned with your organisation, policies and future food service objectives.

  • Training

    We Provide bespoke, tailored staff training and development encompassing job descriptions; on-job training; coaching/ mentoring; example show visits; work experience; appraisals and future goal setting and assessment. Training includes; menu development, adding craft skills, customer care, retail selling, food service presentation, effective staff management, dealing with confrontation, financial control and reporting, marketing & merchandising, and nutrition.

Financial audits and monitoring

We Measure your food services’ quality, performance, customer assessment, resources, health & food safety and financial position and compare this with the market and best practice. We adopt a range of auditing methods to suit and provide a written report identifying areas for improvement and actions to develop the service to meet your customers’ needs and future aspirations, improve its profitability and remove unnecessary costs and waste.

We provide periodical monitoring of the agreed actions’ implementation, on-going and remedial fine tuning and further service developmen